Electrical Board of Examiners

The Electrical Board of Examiners (EBE) oversees the assignment and administration of licensing Electrical Contractors in the Cayman Islands.

The Role of the Electrical Board of Examiners

The EBE administers an entry examination, and meets regularly to review candidates’ applications. The enabling legislation for the formation and function of the EBE is the Electricity Law (2008 Revision) and the Electricity Regulations (2011 Revision).
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Board Meetings

Meetings are held monthly, on Tuesdays at 2 pm in Conference Room 4021, 4th Floor, Government Administration Building, Elgin Avenue. Public Meetings Rules of Procedure do not apply.

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Board Members

The Board is made up of 7 members and the Executive Secretary of the Board is the Director of Planning, Mr Haroon Pandohie.

Mr Carlos Powell


Mr Walton Gooding

Mr Merlin Welds


Mr David Crawford


Mr Edlin Moore


Mr Timothy Howard



Electrical Contractors

Becoming a licensed Electrical Contractor.

Electrical Contractors in the Cayman Islands are required to be licensed by the Department of Planning.  To learn more about licencing requirements please visit the Professional Licensing section of the website


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Central Planning Authority

This authority oversees and reviews the physical development of Grand Cayman.

Development Control Board

This authority oversee and review the physical development of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Builders' Board

This board oversees the registration of business entities and qualified individuals as Building Contractors in the Cayman Islands.

Electrical Board of Examiners

This board oversees the assignment and administration of licensing Electrical Contractors in the Cayman Islands.


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If you are planning to build, demolish, or renovate, you will need a building permit.  Here is the information you need to get started with your project whether big or small.

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Apply for permits online, track permit-related reviews & inspections.

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Development Plan

Plan for the zoning and physical development of the Cayman Islands.

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The long-range comprehensive plan to guide physical development for Grand Cayman.
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